Welcome to Newburgh History Group

Gordon Pitkethly passed away in early spring 2017.  As Chairman of Newburgh History Society and a great enthusiast for Newburgh's unique history, Gordon did much through talks and guided tours of Newburgh, and work with the Oddfellows, British Legion and Newburgh school, to pass Newburgh's fascinating story on to future generations.  Thank you to Gordon from all his friends.  He will be much missed and long remembered.

Newburgh History Group exists to explore Newburgh's rich heritage.

If you have any questions, please contact: karenbryce123@btinternet.com

  Friends of the Laing support Laing building use reflecting Alexander Laing's bequest to Newburgh people.To join, email   friendsofthelaing@hotmail.com or ring 01337 840740. 

Our current 2017 Laing building exhibition is on the "History of Newburgh's Kirks and Congregations".  The exhibition is normally open Sunday and Wednesday afternoons from 1230 to 400pm.  It includes artefacts and photographs from Newburgh's religious past.  

Picture: Newburgh from the air: the High Street 'lang riggs' preserve the layout of the medieval burgh.